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Public Education After the Pandemic: A Q&A with Professor of History Johann Neem  

3 months ago

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered business as usual for colleges and universities. With campuses shifting to remote learning, students, instructors, staff, and administrators were made to grapple with a set of new challenges. Western Today recently talked with WWU Professor of History Johann Neem, whose research interests involve the history of public education in America, about the possible lasting effects of the pandemic on public higher education.   


Big changes in Western's Public Health program mean more real-world opportunities for students

3 months 1 week ago

Amidst the shifting health mandates and regulations of the pandemic last year, Western’s Public Health Program has updated its curriculum to better focus on the practical needs of students seeking to enter the healthcare field. 

Combining courses, creating equitable application requirements and streamlining the course sequences are some of the alterations. 

Change isn’t a new concept for the program. Just last year, the program changed its name from Community Health to Public Health, because of alumni feedback, professor and program coordinator Ying Li said.

13 hours 31 minutes ago
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