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Allison McGrath

Graduation Year:

Graduate Student
Department of Sociology, Vanderbilt University

Editorial Assistant
American Sociological Review

Allison is in her third year working toward her PhD in Sociology at Vanderbilt with an emphasis on gender and feminism.  Allison's original goal when she began her WWU education was to major in Women's Studies and to possibly teach at a community college. She had not planned to work on her doctorate until she became engaged with a faculty mentor at Western.


In the program she participates in now at Vanderbilt, there are 40 post graduate students.  She has learned that the WWU environment was unique and very impactful because she had a mentor and was surrounded with faculty, particularly when she worked in the computer lab.  The opportunity to work on research projects as an undergraduate has been a key to her success.


Allison has kept in touch with her mentor, Dr Glenn Tsunoki, and she still receives support from him. He helped guide her toward studies in Sociology while encouraging her to continue her work on those issues that were important to her related to women studies.   Allison loved the diversity of classes and the quality interactions she had with professors at Western.  She was able to coauthor several publications while at Western, which, as an undergraduate, created an enormous boost in her trajectory toward graduate work!