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Star Hang Nga Rush

Star graduated from WWU in 1986 (BA) and 1997 (MA). Her background includes Marketing Communications and Technical Writing and is published in both fields. Recently, she collaborated on a cross-genre piece for On The Boards’ 12MiniMax. She has worked in higher education for 10 years, first as a lecturer and Assistant Director of Composition in WWU’s English department, then as faculty at Cornish College of the Arts, and lastly an administrator at Bellevue College. The community college mission is liberal arts learning, professional/technical training, and to bridge the gap between knowledge building and occupational development. She is the Interim Chair (Dean) of the Arts & Humanities Division.


"My time at WWU showed me that writing and reading well could be more than an end unto itself. It could be a way to serve and affect my world. I gained confidence as a thinker and a writer, a person who could translate thoughts into actions, ideas and feelings into words, and see and explain structures and patterns. Undergraduate writing classes required precision, lyricism, and vivid imagery. Poetry is a manifesto of systemic thought; I think about, use, and refer to the intricacies of form, structure, and the patterns of rhyme and reason every day of my working life."


"I am indebted to my WWU mentors for modeling passion and commitment to the field of teaching, learning, and the world of words and images, because it makes possible, for me, a professional life of meaning that I can share with others."