Anthropology Department Faculty

Faculty office hours


TODD A. KOETJE website | email
Associate Professor and Chair
Ph.D. University of Tennessee

Interests: archaeology, quantitative methods, spatial studies, method and theory; Paleolithic Old World, Paleoindian-Archaic Northeast US.

SEAN BRUNA website  | email
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of New Mexico

Interests: Native North America, U.S. Southwest, sovereignty, applied anthropology, medical anthropology, chronic disease prevention, community based participatory research (CBPR).

DANIEL L. BOXBERGER website | email 
Ph.D. University of British Columbia

Interests: ethnohistory, method & theory, indigenous rights, North American Indians; Northwest Coast.

SARAH K. CAMPBELL website | email 
Grad Student Advisor
Ph.D. University of Washington

Interests: Pacific Northwest prehistory, hunter-gatherer adaptations, archaeological method and theory.

JERALD EK personal website research website | email 
Ph.D. State University of New York, Albany

Research Interests: Human-Environmental Dynamics, Ancient Cities and Urbanism, Political Organization of Pre-industrial Complex Societies, Collapse, GIS Applications, Ceramic Analysis, Environmental Archaeology, Mesoamerica, with specialization in pre-Hispanic Maya.

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Oregon

Interests: economic/environmental anthropology, critical development studies, feminist political economy, postcolonial theories/methods; Latin America, Nicaragua.

JOYCE D. HAMMOND website | email
Ph.D. University of Illinois

Interests: gender studies, visual anthropology, participatory action research, expressive and popular culture (particularly photographic, film & video representations), tourism, fieldwork methods and museum studies; Pacific.


Visiting Professor
Ph.D. University of Florida

Interests: Bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, paleopathology, osteology and osteometry, isotope analysis, genocide and victimization, conflict and military archaeology, contemporary archaeological theory, materiality, World War II, Central Europe and the Balkans.


JAMES LOUCKY website | email 
Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles

Interests: human rights, immigration and border policies, political ecology, community well being, intercultural education, Mesoamerican diaspora communties; Latin America, North America.

ROBERT C. MARSHALL website | email 
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh

Interests: political economy, symbolism, Marxist anthropology, aging; East Asia, Japan.

M.J. MOSHER website | email
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Kansas

Interests: anthropological genetics, epigenetics, nutrition, adipokines, human variation and adaptation, Arctic Populations.

JUDITH M.S. PINE website | email
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Washington

Interests: linguistic anthropology, literacy theory, upland peoples of SE Asia/SW China, indigenousness, globalization/borders, language maintenance/endangerment.

Senior Instructor
ABD, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Interests: anthropology of science and technology, production and reproduction, biomedical ethics, political economy.


KATHLEEN YOUNG website | email
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Simon Fraser University

Interests: war/violence and human rights, death and dying, gender, religion, ethnic relations, cross-cultural law; Dalmatia, Bosnia and affiliated ethnic groups in Northwest Washington State.

YEON JUNG YU website | email
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Stanford University

Interests: Socio-cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, social networks, gender, political economy, mixed methods, marginalized populations, stigma, migration/immigration, HIV/STIs; East Asia, China & Korea.