College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Intern Evaluation

The evaluation is a good portion of the intern's grade. Supervisors are asked to fill out and submit the evaluation for their intern by the end of the quarter. Thank you.

Reports for work on time and completes shift
If unable to report, calls in and makes up time
Dresses appropriately for position
Uses equipment for internship work only, not personal use
Is courteous and respectful to staff, visitors, volunteers & colleagues
Cooperates with staff and other interns/volunteers
Works in a businesslike, serious manner
Attends training sessions as required
Assimilates and uses "on-the-job" training
Follows directives well
Asks for help when needed
Listens well and communicates clearly
Performs and completes assigned tasks
Show initiative and motivation in his/her work
How would you rate this intern's performance