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Scholars Week Conference in Anthropology

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About Scholars Week

At Western's Anthropology Scholars Week Conference, students from the department are encouraged to present their research and hard work to their peers and faculty. It is an opportunity for students to share their interests and engage in constructive dialogue. The symposium will consist of individual presentations and speakers.

Student Research

Students have the opportunity to publish their research on Western's CEDAR. Review the Department of Anthropology collected works on CEDAR.

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Keynote Speaker

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Mindy Pelton

Associate Director Career Services Center Western Washington University

Mindy is a first-generation graduate and double alum from Western. She earned her BA in cultural anthropology and returned five years later to get her master’s in business administration. She found her community in Bellingham and happily made it her home, starting a family here, launching two businesses and returning to Western to grow her career. Currently, Mindy is the Associate Director of the Career Services Center at Western, where she supports the mission to empower out community to explore, to connect, and to create their future. Mindy also love traveling; she spent a year teaching English in South Korea and has made multiple voyages to southeast Asia.

2022 Scholars Week Schedule

Events will be held in Arntzen Hall 317 15 minute breaks between sessions
Please enjoy refreshments in AH 319 throughout the events

Wednesday May 18th

11:15 Keynote Speaker: Mindy Pelton Associate Director of Career Services, WWU

12:15 Language and Culture  
Doris Manglicmot  Taglish: A Future Filipino-English Creole?

Sylvia Cohen  Rarámuri Language and the Rural School System in Chihuahua Mexico

Ana Ramirez  Indigenous Resource Management and its Perseverance in British Columbia

Esther Kruman  The Ongoing Journey of Scottish Gaelic: Strength, Endangerment & Revitalization

1:45 Resume and Job Search Workshop
Abby Senuty, WWU Career Services Center

3:00 Sexuality, Energy & Consciousness
Mads Hall, Bella Barlow, Jay LeMieux, and Isabella Conover Asexual and Aromantic College Students’ Experiences with Relationships and Community

Jennifer Kastner Never forgotten: The Stories of Korean Comfort Women

Grim Brandt  Bleed: Duality of Consciousness in Dungeons and Dragons

Adriannah Roman Delve Into the Positive Economic Impact Solar Power has had on Morocco Civilians

4:15 Graduate Student Panel  
Kelsey Maloy, Rhiannon Joker, Elizabeth Baseman, Isabella Pipp, Caroline Hyde, Elizabeth Smyth, and Mia Price  Master's-Level Theses Designed to Enact Change

Thursday May 19th

10:00 Archaeology, Religion & Primatology 

Ruth Barnes  Storytelling in Cave Art: Use of Natural Elements to Illustrate Stories

Alexander Williams  Cosmology, the Afterlife, and Mortuary Rituals Among New World Civilizations

Julia Epps  Bones here, bones there, bones everywhere: Bioarchaeology and Osteology in Action

Kate Hawken Tattooing Antiquity, Symbolism, and Practice
inEarly Cultures

11:45 Outstanding Student Research Awards & Recognition of Outstanding Service

12:30 Round Table ANTH 303
Olivia Rose, Lance Tulloch, Marcus Benson and Judy Pine Experiencing the Shift to Online Learning

1:45 Round Table Medical Anthropology Lab
Sean Bruna, Rhiannon Joker, L.C. Osadchuk, Dan Hargrave, Caitlin Millard, Tori Bianchi, G McGrew  Being a Diverse Lab; Labs as Unsettling Counterspaces for Mentored Research at PWUIs

3:00 Politics and History 
Hannah Durland  Ceaușescu’s Abortion Ban

Kiersten Shjerven The Lingering Impact of COVID-19 on Grief and Bereavement, Practices Among College Students in the Pacific Northwest

Guy Adamo  For the Furs: Servitude, Collaboration, and Violence between Russian Traders and Indigenous Alaskans

Crow Chloupek * Outstanding Research Award Recipient  Reflections in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Drawing Links from the Armenian Genocide, Turkish Denialism, and Ethnic Hatred                                                        


Interested in publishing your work?

If you are interested in having your work published on Western's CEDAR, please send one email, subject line Scholars Week in Anthropology, your paper and signed CEDAR license agreement attached, to and cc: 

Your work will be published on an open-access platform (viewable by anyone around the world). 

Students are welcome and encouraged to participate in Western's Scholars Week activities as well as the Anthropology Department's.

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