Scholars Week

About Scholars Week

At Western's Anthropology Scholars Week Conference, students from the department are encouraged to present their research and hard work to their peers and faculty. It is an opportunity for students to share their interests and engage in constructive dialogue. The symposium will consist of individual presentations.

Students have the opportunity to publish their research on Western's CEDAR. Review the Department of Anthropology collected works on CEDAR.

Scholars Week 2021

The Department of Anthropology has decided to host an on-line version of our Scholars Week Conference, similar to our approach last year.

Students can publish their research on Western's CEDAR in a special section for the Department of Anthropology.

Attend the following sessions during the conference:

  • Presentations by our Outstanding Student Research Award Winners
  • A panel of former students who earned their undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in Anthropology at Western and are out in the working world now
  • Student workshops

We will post the full schedule on Monday, May 17, 2021.

How to Register/Submit Work to Scholars Week

If you are interested in having your work published on Western's CEDAR, please send one email with your article, paper, PowerPoint presentation or poster and the CEDAR license agreement, signed, to, by May 14, 2021.

Your work will be published on an open-access platform (viewable by anyone around the world). 

Students are welcome and encouraged to participate in Western's Scholars Week activities as well as the Anthropology Department's.

For further information, visit the Scholars Week website.

Thank you!
Anthropology Club