Academic Work Samples

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  • You must submit at least two samples of original, college-level written work, authored by you alone.

  • Choose papers which you believe to be your best work and which will most accurately represent your writing ability.

  • One of these must be a research paper that includes a works-cited page or references.  The other can be another research paper, a substantive essay, or a substantive example of creative writing.

  • It is acceptable to have your evaluator’s original remarks on your papers.

  • If you are including a paper written by multiple authors, (i.e., the product of group work) please note that this will not satisfy the requirement of two samples, but may be submitted as an additional writing sample.  Highlight the content which you authored.

  • Full-sentence speech outlines are not acceptable.

  • Written exams are not acceptable.

  • Do not staple your writing samples.