Applying to the Major

Students must apply to become a Communication Studies major in fall, winter, or spring quarter. The number of students admitted to the major each quarter is determined by the number of spaces available. Applicants must submit a portfolio and the selection process is determined by the quality of the portfolio. Cumulative grade point average (GPA) will be one of the major criteria for admission, but all other aspects of the portfolio are also considered. Before a student can apply to the major, she or he must do the following:

  1. Register as a Communication Studies Pre-Major in CF 295.
  2. Complete any one of the following courses with a B- or better: COMM 101, COMM 224, COMM 225, COMM 230, COMM 235, COMM 240, COMM 260.
  3. Complete COMM 220, with a B- or better.
  4. Complete at least 60 credits of WWU credits or approved transfer credits with a GPA of 2.5 or above. Note that no more than 50% of total COMM credits can be transferred from another institution.
  5. Complete 12-15 credits at WWU.
  6. After completing the above, students must assemble and submit a declaration portfolio to the department in CF 295 no later than 5:00 pm on the Monday of the third week of fall, winter and spring quarters. The due date is usually the second Monday after classes begin since classes do not typically begin on a Monday. Confirm the due date with the Communication Studies office staff.   


Select this link for the PDF iconCommunication Studies Major Guide.

Declaration Portfolio

The declaration portfolio must include the following, assembled together in the order indicated:

  1. Admission Application

  2. Transcripts

  3. Letter of Intent

  4. Résumé

  5. Academic Work Samples

  6. References

  7. Proposed Program of Study (the 'grid')

  8. Communication Studies Honor Code


For more detailed portfolio application instructions, select PDF iconMajor Declaration Guidelines.

Portfolio Suggestions

(Examples of acceptable portfolios can be found in the department office located in CF 295)

  1. For ease of handling in the review process, your portfolio must be presented in a simple report binder with a transparent cover. We prefer that you use a clamp or slide style binder--nothing that requires use of a three-hole punch.
  2. Make sure that the Major Admission Application is the first page and can be seen through the cover. 
  3. The Major Admission Application page must be computer-generated.
  4. The Proposed Program of Study / Grid should be filled in by hand in ink.


Please Do NOT:
  1. Do not include a title (cover) page or table of contents.
  2. Do not commercially bind.
  3. Do not put your portfolio pages in plastic page protectors.
  4. Do not use dividers or other extraneous pages.
  5. Do not use a 3-ring binder or any type of binder that requires hole punching.


Your portfolio will be evaluated primarily on quality of content, but neatness counts.