Consider Doing an Internship 

Internships offer an invaluable way to gain work experience. You can sample potential careers and build your resume. Internships provide on-the-job application of communication knowledge/skills and additional training for seniors in Communication. The intern has an on-site supervisor who gives training and evaluation of work performance and an academic supervisor who directs the university requirements.

You can earn up to 12 credits of Comm 459 while gaining internship experience. One or more internships may total up to 12 credits; however, only six (6) credits may be applied toward the Communication Studies major and six (6) toward university upper-division electives. Internship credit can only be earned during the quarter you are interning. For a 10-week quarter internship, you can calculate the following internship hours worked into credit hours earned:

10 weeks @ 10 hours/wk = 3 credits
10 weeks @ 20 hours/wk = 6 credits
10 weeks @ 30 hours/wk = 9 credits
10 weeks @ 40 hours/wk = 12 credits

This course is restricted to senior Communication Studies majors and General Studies/Communication majors who have departmentally approved-plans that include internship. For more information about Comm 459 – Field Internship in Communication, check the WWU Online Catalog or our department's Courses in Communication Studies course offering list.  You can also pick up an internship packet from the Communication Studies Office in CF 295 or download the forms here by selecting the following links:

The department maintains an electronic record of organizations in which Communication Studies majors have served as interns.  This can be requested via email to  You will also find information on internships at the Career Services Center in Old Main 280. You may also locate internship opportunities on your own, through personal research or contacts with an organization. All internships require departmental approval by the Communication Studies Faculty Advisor for the quarter you are interning.

How do I register for Comm 459, Field Internship in Communication?

After you have been approved by both the Communication Studies Internship Faculty Advisor and the organization offering the internship, you and the organization’s on-site supervisor should fill out the internship contract and information form.  When you have completed the forms, have the Internship Faculty Advisor sign them, make copies for yourself, and your on-site supervisor.  Make sure that the Memo: To On-Site Internship Supervisor is retained by the on-site supervisor.