Major Evaluation

Two quarters before graduating, every Communication Studies major must submit a Degree Application form, a signed Major Evaluation for Graduation form, and, if completing a minor, a signed Minor Evaluation for Graduation form to the Registrar’s Office. Communication Studies majors should complete the following steps to apply for graduation:

  1. Download a Degree Application Form from the WWU’s Registrar’s Office by clicking this link. Complete the Degree Application and print it. Note the application deadlines. The Registrar will charge a late fee if the forms are not submitted on time. Do not download the Registrar's Major Evaluation form—use our Communication Studies major Evaluation for Graduation form in step 3 below.
  2. If your catalog year is prior to fall of 2016, log into your Web4U page. Go to Student > Student Records > CAPP Degree Evaluation > Select a Term. Click Generate New Evaluation and then select the Term you will Graduate > Generate Request > Submit. Print. Use this information to fill out your Communication Studies Major Evaluation Form. 
    For catalog year fall 2016 and forward, you may use Degree Works to fill out your Communication Studies Major Evaluation Form. Go to Web4U > Student > Student Record > Degree Works. 
  3. If you became a Communication Major prior to fall of 2016 or have petitioned to be evaluated under 2015-16 WWU Catalog requirements (50-hour major with a required minor), print a PDF icon Communication Studies Major Evaluation for Graduation Form (admitted to major spring 2016 or before) and use the information from your Degree Evaluation to complete it. If you became a major in the fall of 2016 or after and intend to graduate under the 60-hour major with no minor requirements, print a PDF icon Communication Studies Major Evaluation for Graduation Form (admitted to major fall 2016 forward). If you have a second major, follow that WWU department’s process for its evaluation.
  4. If you have a minor (or for majors admitted prior to fall 2016 or who elected to be evaluated under 2015-16 or years prior Catalog requirements), check with the department you are minoring in to determine its requirements for evaluation. If the department does not require its own Minor Evaluation form, print and complete a Minor Evaluation for Graduation form from the WWU’s Registrar’s Office website at this link and take it to your minor advisor for review and signature. 
  5. Set an appointment or come to your Communication Studies faculty advisor’s office hours. Office hours and contact information for your advisor are posted on the bulletin board outside the Communications Studies office, CF 295. If you do not have an advisor, call 360-650-3870.

    Bring the following completed documents to your Major Evaluation meeting:
  • Signed Minor Evaluation for Graduation and/or Second Major if applicable
  • Degree Application
  • Communication Studies Major Evaluation for Graduation
  • Unofficial transcripts of credits taken at another institution only if they are not listed on your Web4U Degree Evaluation or Degree Works worksheet.
  1. Take the following to the Registrar’s Office:
  • Completed Degree Application
  • Completed and signed by your advisor Major Evaluation and if applicable, Minor Evaluation.