Curriculum Council

The Curriculum Council is composed of eight members:  six tenure-track or tenured faculty, three from each of the disciplinary areas, appointed by the Faculty Affairs Council; and two department chairs appointed by the Dean’s Advisory Council. There may be no more than two representatives from any single department.  Members are appointed to staggered three-year terms.   The Associate Dean of the College, as designated by the Dean, presides over the Curriculum Council as Chair.

The Curriculum Council has jurisdiction over the undergraduate curriculum of the College and also reviews and acts on all changes to the graduate curriculum. The Curriculum Council is responsible for the approval of all academic courses and programs in the College, for reviewing matters related to the quality of the curriculum, including size of majors, prerequisites, and access, and for approving student/faculty designed majors. The Curriculum Council reports to the university Academic Coordinating Commission (ACC). Minutes of all meetings are forwarded to ACC for review of all actions of the Council. The Curriculum Council recommends changes in policy or procedures to the Faculty Affairs Council.

Membership 2017-2018

Marc Geisler, Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Sean Bruna, Anthropology

Kate Trueblood, English

Kari Jo Hilgendorf (replacing Melissa D'Eloia for WQ18), Health & Human Development

Peter Diehl, History

Jennifer Keller, Journalism*

Christina Keppie, Modern and Classical Languages

Bruce Goebel (replacing Debra Salazar for WQ18), Political Science

Larry Symons, Psychology*

* Chair appointments