Alex Czopp

he/him/his, Professor

Current Courses

Fall 2022: PSY 101 & PSY 307

Winter 2023: PSY 305 & PSY 346

Spring 2023: PSY 240 & PSY 442


My research attempts to examine the ways in which people can reduce the experiences and expressions of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination within themselves and others.

Areas of Specialty

Social Psychology

Selected Publications

Czopp, A. M. (2019). The consequences of confronting prejudice. In R. Mallett & M. Monteith (Eds.), Confronting Prejudice and Discrimination: The Science of Changing Minds and Behaviors. Elsevier.

Czopp, A.M. (2016). Covert racism: Its unintended, well-intended and rationalized forms. In A. Blume (Ed.), Social Issues in living color: Challenges and solutions from the perspective of ethnic minority psychology. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.

Czopp, A.M., Kay, A.C., Cheryan, S. (2015). Positive stereotypes are pervasive and powerful. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 10, 451-463.