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Mongolian Studies

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Research in Mongolian Studies is supported by the largest collection of books on Mongolia in North America at Western Washington University's Wilson Library. The library collection is broadly representative of all parts of Mongolia; it also has many works on the Buryat, Kalmyk, Oirat, Daghur, Dongxiang, Engger (Eastern Yugur) and other Mongolian groups. In addition to twenty-five titles of Mongolian serial publications currently on subscription, the WWU Library also house incomplete runs of about fifteen other periodicals from all parts of Mongolia, including many local and "internal" publications. Several scores of records, tapes, slides, maps, and other audio-visual materials help support the Program's efforts to provide its students and researchers from across the world with the very best resources. Among the Center's unique resources is a nearly complete collection of the email daily news which provides primary source material for contemporary studies:


In 1990 the American government recognized the national importance of Western Washington University's Mongolia Program by awarding a major grant to assist in the library acquisitioning process and the publication of a printed catalog. This catalog was published by the Center for East Asian Studies Press in 1992 under the title Mongolia and the Mongols, listing 3,562 titles. By 2001 the list of publications had grown to about 6,000 titles. This catalog is a unique resource in North America, and it is available for purchase today through the Center for East Asian Studies Press. Also available are lists of works on Tibet, Manchu-Tungusic studies, and Turkic peoples.


The resources on Mongolia at Western Washington University are directly supported by sizeable collections of books dealing with neighboring ethnic groups and related materials. For example, many of the estimated 1,500 Tibetan titles deal with subjects like Buddhism and certain sagas that have direct relevance to Mongolia. More than a thousand Uighur and other Turkic titles from Eastern Turkestan (Xinjiang) contain materials about Mongols, particularly those living in that region.

Mongolian Holdings in WWU Libraries

Center for East Asian Studies Press Publications on Mongolia

The Center has also sponsored the publication of several books related to Mongolia in its two series, Studies on East Asia and East Asian Research Aids and Translations. They include Mongolian Short Stories (1974), Bibliotheca Mongolica (1978), Studies on Mongolia (1979), Professor Poppe's autobiographyReminiscences (1983), Mongolian Publications at Western Washington University (1984), The Minorities of Northern China (1984), Mongolia and the Mongols: Holdings at Western Washington University (1992), An Uyghur English Dictionary (1993), the English edition of Academician Bazaryn Shirendev's autobiography Through the Ocean Waves (1998), The Last Mongol Prince: The Life and Times of Demchugdongrub, 1902-1966(2000), Mongolian Historical Writing from 1200 to 1700 (2002), Mongolian Culture and Society in the Age of Globalization (2006), and Subjects and Masters: Uyghurs in the Mongol Empire (2007)

For more information about these publications, visit the website for the Center for East Asian Studies Press or contact the Editor, Professor Scott Pearce.