Mary Janell Metzger

she/her/they/them, Professor


A specialist in early modern English literature and culture, critical theory, and teaching literature for social justice, Mary Janell is the author of Shakespeare Without Fear: Teaching for Understanding (Heinemann 2004) and numerous essays in journals and edited volumes such as Mosaic, Genre, Feminist Teacher, PMLA, and Teaching Social Justice Through Shakespeare. Her recent scholarship and courses focus on Shakespeare and power, tragedy and ethics, literature as theory, and social justice pedagogy with special emphasis on the role of critical race, queer, trans, and indigenous perspectives.  

Research Interests

  • Shakespeare and Early Modern Literature and Culture
  • Pedagogy
  • Theory/Philosophy and Social Justice
  • Global Literature
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Race, Empire, Postcolonial, and Transnational Studies
  • Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Literary, Rhetorical, and Cultural Theory
  • Disability Studies