Greetings! We are pleased to announce the creation of our Alumni webpage as part of the English department’s new website. Here we’ve included profiles of our alumni, highlighting their current and ongoing projects as well as their professional triumphs and personal successes. This webpage will also give you access to past and present English department alumni newsletters as well as the ability to submit news and update your contact information. Plus, we are very excited to be using Twitter to keep all of you up to date on the latest additions to the department.

Every year English graduates from many fields: teachers, lawyers, doctors, community organizers, curators, editors, publishers, agents, art program directors, screenwriters, film directors, game designers, reviewers, essayists, novelists, scholars, poets, environmentalists, publicists, historians, musicians, mountain climbers — generously offer us their hard won knowledge. In this sense, our alumni have become our associates in learning. We marvel at what you’ve become; we stand in awe and admiration. Some of you are famous - Nick Harmer joined Death Cab for Cutie, the Grammy nominated American indie rock band; Liam O’Sullivan set the record in 2008 for speediest ascent of Mt. Rainier. Others are scaling different heights, winning top awards and honors - Sam Green is the first Poet-Laureate of Washington State; Julie Wade won the 2009 Colgate University Press Nonfiction Book Award; Caleb Barber’s poetry is anthologized in Best American Poetry 2009. Whatever endeavor has engaged you, all of you are contributing to the tradition of social, political, and cultural conversation.

We know how invaluable our grads are in the culture and the community. It’s all about reciprocity of learning, and for that, we thank you.