Courses Offered

The English department curriculum is wide-ranging and multidisciplinary. We challenge our students with courses in introductory, intermediate, and advanced literature studies, creative writing, and secondary and elementary education. We are also proud to offer ENG 101, a mandatory writing-intensive course designed specifically for first-year students. Incoming freshmen find this course invaluable in adjusting their writing style to meet the rigors of college-level coursework.

In order to feature a wide variety of courses reflecting a number of periods and approaches to textual study, we change our course offerings and topics regularly. We encourage you speak with your advisor about the courses that interest you. She or he can tell you when the courses you are interested in will be offered and assist you in completing a plan of study worksheet.

The English faculty strongly encourages all English and English interest students to review the detailed course descriptions of currently offered classes before registering and certainly before the first day of classes. Advance knowledge of specific course content, goals, and expectations can improve the educational experience for everyone.

Please pay careful attention to the prerequisites listed in the catalog descriptions. In the event of over-enrollment, an instructor override will be required to register. Instructor overrides are offered on a first come, first served basis and cannot be guaranteed to all interested students. Again, we strongly advise you to meet with your advisor. She or he will prove a valuable resource in helping you become familiar with upper-level course prerequisites and in planning your course work efficiently.