Declaring a Major or Minor


The prerequisites for declaring an English major are:
1. 60 college credits completed
2. Satisfactory completion of English 202 - Writing About Literature or equivalent course


To declare a major with either an English Literature or English Creative Writing, meet with the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Jemma Everyhope-Roser, HU 327.

For students planning to be secondary education teachers, to declare as either English Literature or Creative Writing with Teaching Endorsement Option meet with Bruce Goebel.

Though the English department cannot guarantee immediate enrollment in the major or access to any specific class, we declare students into the majors on a rolling basis as space is available and offer a wide variety of topics each term.


To declare a minor in the English department, meet with the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Jemma Everyhope-Roser, in HU 327.

Undergraduate Program Coordinator & Advisor: Jemma Everyhope-Roser
OFFICE: HU 329 / 327

OFFICE HOURS: MTWRF 10:30-12:00 & 1:30-3:00

PHONE: (360) 650-3209 EMAIL: