ENG 101 Waivers

If you are an incoming student, please have all transcripts and AP scores sent to Admissions. The English Department does not assist with processing those records. All such records must go through Admissions or the Registrar's Office.

The English Department does not determine how the university interprets or accepts AP Scores. If you have questions about how your AP score is counted, please look see the full list at Admissions.

If you have just transferred in or have been recently admitted and have proof that you've taken ENG 101 but your paperwork has not yet been processed by Western, you may ask at the English Department front office for assistance in requesting access to a course with ENG 101 as a prerequisite. If you believe you've taken a course equivalent to ENG 101 but it transferred over as an ENG 1TT or as another class, you will want to gather materials such as a syllabus and examples of your work for the class in question and contact the director of composition.