English Faculty -- Dawn Dietrich

Dawn Dietrich
Associate Professor of English & Director of Western Reads

Portrait of Dawn Dietrich


Ph.D., English Language & Literature, University of Michigan
M.A., English Language & Literature, University of Michigan
B.A., English Language & Literature, Eastern Michigan University


Research and Teaching Interests

Literature, Technology, and Science
Screen Arts and New Media
Critical and Cultural Theory




Selected Publications

“Jane Campion’s In the Cut,” co-authored with Doug Park, Film Quarterly (Summer 2005), vol. 58, no. 4: 39-46.

“Hale Bopp’s ‘Come and Gone’:  Postmodernism and the Question of (Cult)ural Transcendence” (invited reply), Arena Journal, New Series, no. 11 (1998):  179-188.

“‘a tree is best measured when it is down’:   Chaos Theory and Robert Wilson’s the CIVIL warS”   (solicited essay for a special issue on avant-garde performance), Interfaces:  Image/Texte/Langage,  no. 13 (June 1998):  155-172.

“(Re)-fashioning the Techno-Erotic Woman:  Gender and Textuality in the Cybercultural Matrix,” Virtual Culture:  Identity and Communication in Cybersociety,  ed. Steven Jones.  (London: Sage International Publishers, 1997) 169-184.

“Second Stage”:  Toward a (Post)modern Aesthetic of Dramatic Performance,” Contemporary Literature (Summer 1994), vol. 35, no. 2:  381-390.

"Space/Time and the Tapestry of Silence: The Quantum Theater of Robert Wilson," Word & Image:  A Journal of Verbal/Visual Enquiry (July-September 1992), vol. 8, no. 3:  173-182.