The English Department main office does not grant overrides except under extremely special and specific circumstances. Instructors are asked to respect the major restrictions and not grant overrides to circumvent them. If a student has priority registration under the Disability Access Center and is interested in how major restrictions impact their registration, they may contact the department directly for additional information.

Requesting an Override

If you wish to request an override, whether it's because you do not have a prerequisite or are concurrently enrolled in one, contact the instructor for an instructor override. If you wish to request an override to exceed the capacity of a class, you may contact the instructor with your rationale to ask for an exception to be made. Please remember if you are requesting a capacity override that you are essentially asking an instructor to do uncompensated work for you. As such it is important to remember to respect the instructor's judgment. Instructors reserve the right to say no to any override request. No one is entitled to an override. Overrides are granted in acknowledgment that students have complex academic backgrounds and needs.

If you are a graduating senior with an English major, please be sure to mention your situation in your communications.

Overrides are never given for ENG 101.