Study of English

English (25 credits)
Academic Advisor: Christopher Loar

Introduction/What is the Study of English?
The study of English offers students the opportunity to study and work with texts that have shaped, and been shaped by, the English language. We offer a diverse spectrum of classes ranging from antiquity to the twenty-first century and covering a wide variety of topics in literature, media, composition, and language studies. English courses encompass and explore multiple cultural traditions, allowing students to cultivate skills in critical thinking, creative expression, close reading, persuasive writing, and effective speaking.

Why Consider an English Minor? 
An English Minor provides you with three essential tools for success in a wide range of careers: the ability to read critically, write clearly and specifically, and understand the ideas and experiences that shape the histories of our local, national and global communities.  Employers and professions of all kinds value such abilities and look for those who have them.

To declare an English Minor - meet with Linda Flanagan, Undergraduate Program Coordinator. 
Please note: declaring this minor will not give you access to major-restricted classes.  Major restrictions are usually lifted on the 6th day of registration each quarter. 

Minor Evaluation for Graduation - meet with Christopher Loar or  Linda Flanagan, Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

25 credits of English at the 200 level or above, with a minimum of 15 credits at the 300 or 400 level