Faculty Presenters

Lecture Hub Presenters

David Curley - The Indian Epic

David Curley is professor of South Asian history and culture, and chair in the Liberal Studies Department. He received his Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago, and teaches classes on South Asian literature, religion and history, and on historical methods in the humanities. His most recent work has been on warriors' culture in precolonial India.

Steven Garfinkle - Eternal Gilgamesh

Steven Garfinkle is Associate Professor of History at Western Washington University where he teaches a broad range of courses on the ancient world. He received his PhD from Columbia University in ancient Near Eastern studies. His current work focuses on the related issues of state formation and commercial development in early Mesopotamia (c. 3000 - 1600 BCE).

Diane Johnson - The Lyricism of Kalidasa and Classic Sanskrit Drama

Diane Louise Johnson is Associate Professor of Classics at Western Washington University. She received her PhD in 1997 from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. She has carried out postdoctoral work in Sanskrit and Tibetan at the University of Washington. Her research interests include Humanist and Early Modern Greek and Tibeto-Sanskrit Philology.

Joshua Roberts - Death of the Roman Republic

Joshua Roberts is a graduate student of History at Western Washington University. His area of focus is on gender attitudes in Ancient Rome.

Michiko Yusa - The Shining Prince

Michiko Yusa is a professor of Japan Studies in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and the Center for East Asian Studies at Western Washington University. Her Ph.D. was from the Department of Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her dissertation dealt with the philosophies of Nishida Kitaro and Jacques Maritain, each rooted in the spiritual heritage of Zen Buddhism and Thomist Catholicism, respectively, and she still hopes to return to the comparative study of intellectuality and spirituality. Her publications include Zen and Philosophy: An Intellectual Biography of Nishida Kitaro (2002), Japanese Religious Traditions (2002), as well as two other books. She also co-edited a volume on Isamu Noguchi and his Skyviewing Sculpture that graces our Red Square. She is currently working on "Women in Japanese Buddhism," and also on the thought and life of Daisetz T. Suzuki.