Bachelor of Arts Humanities

Students who pursue a B.A. Humanities degree program can choose between area concentrations: Humanities: History of Culture and Religion and Culture.

To declare a Humanities major, students should meet the requirements for taking HUMA 302, Methods of Interdisciplinary Study, normally taken in the junior year. Admission to HUMA 302 requires an average grade of B in all prior Global Humanities and Religions courses, and students must have completed the first two courses in the department’s Western Tradition series, HUMA 121, The Ancient World, and HUMA 122, Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Students make take HUMA 123, The Modern World, simultaneously with HUMA 302 if they have not already completed it.

Students considering a B.A. Humanities degree should schedule a formal advising appointment with one of our advisors. Professor Sean Murphy serves as the advisor for the Humanities: History of Culture concentration, and Professor Michael Slouber advises students pursuing the Religion and Culture concentration. For advising, please either visit the advisor during their scheduled office hours or arrange for an appointment.

Additionally, interested students and declared majors should feel free to contact any member of the department for informal advice. Declared majors may find it helpful to discuss their scheduling choices with the faculty members who know them and their work best.

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Humanities: History of Culture Advising

Professor Sean Murphy

Bond Hall 160 

Phone: 360.650.4870

Spring Quarter 2023
Office Hours: 

Monday, Wednesday Fridays 11:30am-12:30pm or by appointment

Humanities: Religion & Culture Advising

Professor Michael Slouber

Bond Hall 170

Phone: 360.650.7649

Spring Quarter 2023
Office Hours: 

Monday, Wednesday- 9:00am-10:00am or by appointment