Keith Russell

Professor and Chair



  • Ph.D. University of Idaho 
  • M.S. University of Idaho 
  • B.A. Lewis and Clark College

Current Courses

  • RECR 450 Program Evaluation
  • RECR 378 Therapeutic Communication and Human Relation Skills
  • RECR 260: Introduction to Recreation Services

Areas of Interest  

Research emphasis includes program evaluation, the study of human-nature relationships, the therapeutic values of natural environments and adventure therapy, and international protected area management.


Selected Publications

Gass, M., Gillis, H. L., Russell, K. C. (2020)  Adventure therapy:  Theory, practice and research.  (2nd Edition).  Routledge Mental Health Publishing: New York. [authors acknowledge equal contribution]. 

Russell, K.C., Gillis, H.L. & Hayes, M. Adventure Therapy Treatment for Young Adult Males Struggling with Addictions. J Health Serv Psychol (2020).

Russell, K.C, Gillis, H. L. & Harvey, J. D. (2018). An evaluation of Alaska Crossings: Comparison of the client status review and the Youth Outcome Questionnaire.  Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, 10, 1, 127-154.

Russell, K.C., Gillis, H. L., & Couillard, J. (2018).  A pilot study examining outcomes associated with the implementation of progress monitoring at a substance use disorder treatment program for adolescents.  Child and Youth Care Forum, On Line first,

Russell, K. C., Gillis, H. L., Kivligan, D.  (2017).  Process factors explaining psycho-social outcomes in adventure therapy.  Psychotherapy, 54, 3, 273-280. in new window).

Gillis, H. L., & Russell, K. C. (2017). Explaining therapeutic change in residential wilderness therapy groups. [Web article]. Retrieved from:

Russell, K. C., Gillis, H.L. (2017).  The Adventure Therapy Experience Scale (ATES): The psychometric properties of a scale to measure the unique factors moderating an adventure therapy experience.  Journal of Experiential Education40, 2, 135-152.

Becker, S., Russell, K. C. (2016).  Wilderness therapy for adolescents. In, R. J. R. Levesque (Ed.), Encyclopedia of adolescence (2nd ed).  New York: Springer Books.

Gillis, H. L., Kivligan, D., Russell, K. C.  (2016). Between - client and within-client engagement and outcome in a residential wilderness treatment group: An actor partner interdependence analysis.  Psychotherapy, 53, 4, 413-423 in new window)