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Hello Alumni! Our annual newsletter is now combined with the rest of the department's newsletter and sent out via email. (We are no longer sending it out via snail mail.)

We've included 2017-18 Program Coordinator Randy Burtz's newsletter comments below. Read the full newsletter.


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Donating to the Recreation Program

To donate to the Recreation Program Foundation, which allows us to bring guest speakers to campus, assist students with attending conferences, purchase special equipment and supplies, help fund Camp TEAM (our student-led camp for community members with disabilities), etc., please click HERE.

To donate to the Recreation Program Legacy Scholarship, which was established by Phase IV 2006 students and is currently funded by recreation majors (a senior reception silent auction and fundraising events) and alumni donations, please click HERE. This scholarship supports students with their expenses while on their Phase III internships.


2017-18 Recreation Program Coordinator Comments

Hello to our outstanding alumni! I hope this newsletter finds you happy, healthy, and gainfully employed! At our core, we are the same program that has been guided over the years by amazing faculty like Ron Riggins, Charles Sylvester, Jim Moore, and Jill Heckathorn, among others. While our core remains the same, there have been many positive and welcome changes over this last year. As you may have heard by now, we our settled into our new Carver Academic Facility! We have a beautiful suite of offices (and windows that aren’t painted shut!) and a modern dedicated classroom. And while Carver 110 is no more, the fun memories of that room remain with us. For the first time in my 14 years here, we now have four tenured faculty in the program, which is a statement on the work of the faculty to achieve tenure and a demonstration of the support from the department and university. Importantly, it provides stability to the continuation of this program well into the future!

As it always has been, the most important piece of the program are the students…and you, the incredible alumni! We are always amazed and inspired when we hear about the work you do, and this year we thought we would highlight what some of our former students are doing.

Please take great care of each other, your communities, and the world around you as so many of you have been doing over the years. And as always, please stay in touch! --Randy Burtz