Declaring a Major

For information on how to apply to the B.A.E. Physical Education and Health P-12 program, see the B.A.E. Physical Education and Health P-12 page.

For information on how to apply to the Kinesiology undergraduate major, see the information below.

Kinesiology Major Application and Declaration Procedures

Preparing to Apply

  1. WWU students with at least a total of 75 quarter credits completed (include all post-secondary credits, multiply semester credits by 1.5 to determine equivalent quarter credits) and a GPA of at least 2.50 (weighted average across all colleges attended) may apply to enter one of the four specializations in the Kinesiology major:
    • Applications from one student to multiple Kinesiology specializations are not permitted.

    • At the time of application the 75 or more quarter credits must be recorded in the student’s WWU academic history (WWU transcript) and/or in the student’s WWU transfer equivalency report.  (Post-Baccalaureate students must receive advice on preparing and submitting their application if their WWU academic history and WWU transfer record show less than 75 total credits, but at least 75 credits have actually been completed.  (See in CV 271B).

    • If the student has attended more than one institution then the student’s GPA for purposes of application to the Kinesiology major is calculated as a weighted average of the GPAs obtained at each of the schools attended. Advanced placement classes are not included in the calculation (but AP credits are included in your credit total, see NOTE 5 below); running start classes recorded on a submitted community college transcript are included in the weighted GPA calculation.

      • NOTE 1: You will be required to submit a copy of transcripts from schools you have attended previously to WWU and are including in your application.  These transcripts are submitted to the HHD department office within 24 hours of your submission of an application to enter the Kinesiology major. You can submit an electronic copy to: Alternately you can submit a paper copy to Ms. Leenstra in CV 271B. You must hand a paper copy directly to Taylor Leenstra and receive a receipt as proof of submission (do not put your transcript copy anywhere else in CV 271B).  You are not required to obtain official transcripts. Screen shots of your transcript are NOT accepted. If you have previously applied to the Kinesiology major you must supply your transcripts AGAIN with this current application.

      • NOTE 2: Report any running start courses and grades using ONLY the community college transcript. Do not submit a high school transcript.

      • NOTE 3: If you have "College in the High School" credit, then contact in CV 271B before you submit your application for information on how to submit these course records.

      • NOTE 4: If you have any college level classes that were qualitatively assessed and a letter grade was not assigned, then contact in CV 271B before you submit your application for information on how to submit these course records.

      • NOTE 5: High school AP credits that were accepted by WWU should be included as part of your total WWU credits.

      • NOTE 6: If you have any courses taken in college that were not college credit classes, those class credits must not be included in the total credits taken at that college (because they are not included in the GPA calculation).

      • NOTE 7: If you have any transfer credits it is strongly recommended that you meet with in CV 271B before you submit your application for assistance with determining what information to submit in your application.  Bring a printed copy of your transcript from each of your previous schools to that meeting.  Non-official transcripts are fine.

    • Admission to each specialization will be determined on a space available basis after ranking candidates by GPA, from high to low.  GPA admission averages for each specialization will be calculated each year based on the most current data and included in advising material that students can obtain from the Kinesiology program website (see below on this page for this information).

    • The application to the Kinesiology major is submitted via a form on the Kinesiology program website (LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE).

    • Transfer students attending a summer transitions program will not be able to apply to the major during the summer transitions program. Transfer students will apply in the fall, winter, or spring quarters according to the deadlines for application. NOTE: Post-baccalaureate students can apply to the Kinesiology major in the first week of their first quarter taking classes at Western, using the procedures listed on this page. 

Dates When a Student May Apply to the Kinesiology Program (NOTE: You may only apply to the Kinesiology program while you are a student taking classes at WWU. You may not apply after acceptance to WWU and before you start taking classes.)




Spring quarter 1/8/19 1/18/19 at 3:00 PM

Fall quarter

4/2/19 4/12/19 at 3:00 PM

Winter quarter

9/25/19 10/4/19 at 3:00 PM

The Number of Students Accepted into the Kinesiology Program*


Health &Fitness and Movement Studies    

Sport Psy (majors only)      

Pre-Health care     

Number per year       





Average GPA of Students Accepted into the Kinesiology Program during 2016-17 Academic Year

Health & Fitness and Movement Studies   

Sport Psychology (majors only)  

Pre-Health care       




After Applying

  1. Student applicants are notified of the outcome of their application the soonest possible after the application deadline, well in advance of the registration phase I for the subsequent quarter.

  2. Students admitted to the major are assigned to a program academic advisor and are required to meet with the advisor to make a plan of study.  Conversion to major status will not be completed without a meeting with a program academic advisor. Notes:

    • Your advisor will give you a major declaration form that you will fill out and take to the Registrar's office in Old Main 230. If you do not take the form to the registrar's office after meeting with your advisor, and at least 1 week prior to phase I registration, you will not be advanced to major status and will not be able to register for Kinesiology classes. A student must register for KIN 306 in the first quarter they are admitted to the Kinesiology major.  Failure to take KIN 306 in the first quarter will result in removal from the major.

    • Students may request to be advised by another Kinesiology faculty member than the one the student is initially assigned to. To request a new advisor, contact the faculty member you would like to be your advisor, and ask that person to be your advisor

  3. If a student is denied entry into a Kinesiology major specialization, the student may apply again the next quarter to the same specialization.  For example, if a student is not selected in the spring for fall quarter admission to the Pre-Health Care Specialization, the student can apply again in the fall to the same Kinesiology Pre-Health Care Specialization.  

  4. If a student is denied entry into the Kinesiology major, the student may apply again to a different specialization after a delay of one quarter.  For example, if a student is not selected in the spring for fall quarter admission to the Pre-Health Care Specialization, the student can apply in the winter to a different Kinesiology specialization.

  5. Once admitted to a specialization, a student wishing to change to a different specialization must apply for admission to the new specialization following the deadlines and admission criteria for application, and can do so while continuing in the present specialization.

Students not admitted to the Kinesiology major should contact the Academic Advising Center at 360-650-3850 for assistance with selecting courses and a major.

After Starting To Take KIN 306

  1. Students must complete KIN 306 in their first quarter in the major.  If a student does not complete KIN 306 in their first quarter in the major (and does not have an Office of Student Life approved student hardship reason) the student will not be allowed to continue in the major and the KIN classes.

  2. If a student receives a grade of less than C- in KIN 306, the student must register for KIN 306 in the next quarter it is offered.

If you have any questions about how to complete the application (e.g., what credits to include, what GPA to report, what schools to report, etc) contact in CV 271B BEFORE you submit your application.

Before you proceed to the application, read these common mistakes that result in an application being rejected, so you can ensure you will not make them.

  1. You went to a post secondary school before WWU, but you did not include that school in the list of previous schools in your application form.
  2. You did not submit a copy of a previous school(s) transcript(s) within 24 hours of submitting your application (submit an electronic copy to: or submit a paper copy to Ms. Leenstra in CV 271B). The fact that the previous school sent your transcripts to WWU for your admission or transfer credit review DOES NOT MATTER because those documents are in another WWU office and are not accessible to us, YOU must give the Kinesiology program a copy of them.


You are responsible for checking the accuracy of all information entered onto the application form BEFORE you submit the form. You can only submit your application once and corrections after submission are not allowed. Inaccurate information submitted will result in admission denial.

The link to the application form will only work during the dates listed above when applications can be submitted.