Kinesiology and Physical Education Advisors

If you are not currently a Kinesiology or PE major, contact Jen Leita by scheduling an appointment here.

If you are a current major, contact your advisor below: (See table below to schedule an office meeting)

Pre-Health Care Professions

Dr. Harsh Buddhadev (360) 650-4115
Dr. Gordon Chalmers (360) 650-3113
Dr. Kari Jo Hilgendorf (360) 650-4277,
Dr. Jun San Juan (360) 650-2336,
Dr. Dave Suprak (360) 650-2586,

Exercise Science

Sport Psychology

Dr. Linda Keeler (360) 650-3514,
Dr. Jessyca Arthur-Cameselle (360) 650-2125

Physical Education and Health P-12

Dr. Nicholas Washburn (360) 650-7709,
Dr. Hillary Robey (360) 650-6353,


Schedule an office hour meeting

Dr. Jessyca Arthur-Cameselle

Dr. Lorrie Brilla Sign up for meeting at: CV 201L
Dr. Harsh Buddhadev

Dr. Gordon Chalmers

Dr. Kari Jo Hilgendorf
Dr. Linda Keeler

Dr. Jun San Juan

Dr. Dave Suprak