The deadline to apply for scholarships has passed. 

The next opportunity to apply will be in April, 2019.


A list of the Health and Human Development scholarships and their criteria can be found here:  PDF icon Scholarship Description and Criteria 2018.

Submission Requirements

A. Staple the following materials together in this order:

B. Three  Scholarship Recommendation Form 2018.pdf are required:

Send the person doing the recommendation the link to this page and ask them to download and complete the Scholarship Recommendation Form (either in Word or by hand). Completed forms can be mailed to: HHD Scholarship Committee, WWU, 516 High Street MS9067, Carver 102, Bellingham WA 98225-9067.  Scholarship applications should be turned in to Denise Logue in Carver 102.

For more information on HHD Department scholarships, please contact Melissa D'Eloia at 360-650-3962 or Dave Suprak at 360-650-2586. (Do not send the recommendation letter or any of the scholarship packet information to these two people.)

Additional scholarships from the College of CHSS can be found at: