Instructions for History 499 Pre-Registration

2018-2019 499 Pre-Registration

April 1, 2018 to April 22, 2018 ONLY

Click here if you plan to take a 499 but are not yet a declared major!!

Instructions to Pre-Register:

  1. Examine the list of 499 courses to be offered next year. Compose a list of AT LEAST three or four classes that you are interested in taking, in order of preference.
  2. Review the schedule and IMPORTANT: you must fulfill the prerequisites prior to taking the 499. Of course, you need not have taken the preparatory courses prior to the pre-registration process, but be sure that the necessary courses will be offered prior to the 499 itself. Do NOT choose a 499 that you will NOT have the pre-requisites for.
  3. Fill out the form on the web page (See below: 4. Submit the Form) Do NOT use commas on the form, use semi-colons or just spaces. The form requires only your name, student number, addresses, up to three pre-requisites you've taken (or plan to take) per each 499 preference, and your list of 499 preferences. DO NOT CHOOSE ANY 499 WHICH YOU WILL NOT BE QUALIFIED FOR. Include as many choices as possible. If your choices are full before we reach your name on the list, you may risk losing spaces in other sections. Because we recognize that this process is new and may be revised in order to improve it for subsequent years, we are also providing a place for your comments.
  4. Submit the 499 pre-reg form ASAP by April 22, 2018. Do NOT use commas on the form, use semi-colons or just spaces. You will receive notice of placement by e-mail after May 1, 2018.
  5. Please note that filling out the form and receiving pre-registration authorization does not register you for the course. You must register as usual when the time comes. The professor will provide final approval for you to register. Be assured that if you have been pre-registered and have taken the necessary prerequisites, you will be admitted to the course. 

Please contact (Ms) Willie Smith in the Department of History if you have any questions:, or 360-650-3429