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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Student Resources

Campus Resources

​A variety of resources are available to help students with their academic work and preparation for a career and graduate school. We encourage students to become familiar with resources at Western Washington University and professional psychology organizations. We also present information about local activities and attractions.

 Academic Advising Office

 Admissions Office Counseling Center

 Important Dates and Deadlines (from the Registrar Office) 

 Ethnic Student Center

 Plagiarism: The Students Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism, Dept of Sociology, WWU

 Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty, University Judicial Affairs, WWU

 Scholarship Center

 Student Financial Resources

 Sustainable Transportation

 Tutoring Center

 Writing Center

Volunteer Resources

There are many opportunities for students to volunteer, gain valuable skills, and give back to the community. Students may contact the Center for Service Learning at Western Washington University or the Whatcom Volunteer Center to learn about current and upcoming volunteer experiences. Students also may contact faculty members in the Liberal Studies Department, who may know of opportunities.