Independent Study Policy

Students interested in independent studies should approach specific professors with their proposals. Once a professor agrees to a proposal, students should obtain a registration card from the department manager, get signed approval from both the instructor and department chair, and turn the enrollment card into the Registrar. Once enrolled, students should work with their professor to compose a syllabus that specifies the requirements for the course. Both the professor and the student should keep a copy of this syllabus for their records.

Professors are under no obligation to oversee independent studies and are free to accept or reject proposals as they see fit. Non-tenure-track faculty members are not permitted to oversee independent studies.

All independent studies must be consistent with the mission statement of the department. In particular, all independent studies should help students develop the skills that we value as a department - skills like critical thinking, critical reading, analytic writing, and effective speaking – and they should do so through the study of philosophical topics.