The Western Front

The Western Front is the university's student-run newspaper. Each week, the Front publishes both a regular newspaper and a weekend events magazine called Western Weekend. Online, the Front offers daily news updates, blogs, photos and videos. Western has had a student newspaper since 1899, and the name evolved over time. It's been called The Western Front since 1967. Reporters are part of a journalism department class that teaches reporting, interviewing and writing skills, along with visual skills.

Klipsun Magazine

Klipsun is Western's award-winning quarterly student magazine, published online and in print. Its writers, editors, photographers, videographers and designers work together to produce relevant and compelling works of multimedia journalism, with a distinct tone, voice and point of view.

Because Klipsun is also a course in writing proficiency, it includes a writers workshop component that focuses on immersive reporting techniques and the principles of narrative storytelling, which marries the techniques of creative writing with the principles, discipline and ethics of traditional journalism.

Each issue of the magazine is organized around a theme and ranges widely in subject matter. Klipsun speaks to a global audience of students, faculty and friends of the university, and places special emphasis on the concerns of millennials.

The Planet

The Planet is an online and printed quarterly publication created by students through Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University. The magazine is a fusion between responsible, creative journalism and design that was created with the purpose of promoting awareness and advocacy surrounding environmental issues.