Liberal Studies Leadership Team

Liberal Studies Leadership Team

The mission of the leadership team is to foster communication among the students, alumni, and faculty of the Liberal Studies Department, and to increase the visibility of the department’s major and minor programs.

What We are Doing:

Liberal Studies Nights—We are hosting events each quarter for the Liberal Studies community to connect and to create opportunities for interested students to come and get introduced to what the department has to offer.

Alumni Connection–We’re exploring ways to connect alumni of the Liberal Studies Department with current majors and minors, to give an opportunity to discuss common interests and goals, experiences and opportunities. We’d like to give current students a look into what the major can offer them and where their interests can take them.  There’s an alumni news form coming soon to the department web site — let us know if you’d like to get involved with current students!

2018-19 Leadership Team










Jodie Permen, Jonathan Davidson, May Killorin, Caitlin Hanson (L to R)

2017-18 Leadership Team

Jeremy Meehan, Holland Maggard, Jenna Mauer (L to R)


2016-17 Leadership Team









Kellen Head-Corliss, Riley Jessett, Britton Johnson, Rose Flory, Hanna Hupp, Samantha Hansen (L to R)


2015-16 Leadership Team

Dustin Polley, Rose Flory, Bryce Fields, Riley Jessett, Samantha Hansen (L to R)


2014-15 Leadership Team

Meagan Smith, Lindsay Skinner, Rhys Gentle, Marleigh Murdoch, Emily Ditzler (L to R)

The 2015 Leadership Team Answers, "Why Humanities?"


My favorite part of the Liberal Studies department is the interdisciplinary and self-guided areas and geographical locations. I feel as though Liberal Studies has given me the tools to be an informed global citizen which is a priceless gift in a globalized world. I ‘s attending School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London to study South Asian Studies.



The history of thought and culture—told through the stories of art, history, philosophy, and literature, from the ancient world to the post-modern—makes the Liberal Studies major a rich and rewarding course of study. Through an array of diverse and engaging courses, taught by dedicated and intelligent professors, I have gained a deeper understanding of the world I inhabit.



The varieties of time periods and cultures we gain access to was the most intriguing and desirable aspect of the major. It was not until I applied for the major that I learned about the options of independent study that was offered as well. Having this option of self-motivated student under the advisement of a professor  of your choice was perhaps the most beneficial experience I have has as an undergraduate, and allowed me to further delve into areas I found interesting from the lower level courses.



It’s interdisciplinary. Liberal Studies courses have exposed me to a huge selection of interrelated subject matter and source materials that I haven’t found in any single field. This department has widened my perspective of world culture, but also of academia and the pursuits available to me post-graduation. Thanks to the training I have received through personal relationships with excellent faculty I feel prepared for a number of different opportunities upon receiving my degree. My time as a liberal studies major has presented me with challenge, broadened my horizons, and allowed me to make the most of my undergraduate career. 



Discussing religions and traditions from around the globe as well as from different time periods has helped to expand my cultural understanding of the world immensely. Joining this major has given me opportunities to study a variety of subjects, as well as embarking on a study of Nepal this upcoming summer. The Liberal Studies department has opened my mind to the cornucopia of traditions existing in our world today and the impact we each have on one another.