Quarterly Book List

  Liberal Studies Department  
  2018 Fall Quarter Book List 
LBRL 121Seaton, E.Western Tradition I: The Ancient World  
CRN: 40145 Holy Bible: RsvMariner Books Staff9780452006478
  Aeneid (vintage Classic) (trans Fitzgerald)Virgil9780679729525
LBRL 121Seaton, E.Western Tradition I: The Ancient World  
CRN: 44173 Holy Bible: RsvMariner Books Staff9780452006478
  Aeneid (vintage Classic) (trans Fitzgerald)Virgil9780679729525
  Greek Tragedies (v3) 9780226035932
LBRL 122Lynn, K.Western Tradition II: Medieval & Early Modern  
CRN: 40877 Exemplary StoriesCervantes9780199555000
  Inferno (trans Hollander)Dante9780385496988
  Royal Commentaries Of The Incas, AbridgedGarcilaso de la Vega9780872208438
  Merchant Of Venice (ed Marcus)Shakespeare9780393925296
  The Middle Ages: a Very Short IntroductionRubin9780199697298
  The Selected Writings of Christine de PizanBlumenfeld-Kosinski9780393970104
LBRL 123Gogrof, A.Western Tradition III: The Modern World  
CRN: 40218 Civilization and Its DiscontentsFreud9780393301588
  Communist Manifesto (Ed Beer)Marx9780312157111
  Best Short StoriesMaupassant9781853261893
  Romantic Fairy Tales (Trans Tully)Goethe9780140447323
  On the RoadKerouac9780140042597
  Gay Science (Trans Kaufman)Nietzsche9780394719856
LBRL 231Tite, P.Intro to the Study of Religion  
LBRL 231Brian, K.Intro to the Study of Religion  
CRN: 42179 
Critical Terms for Religious Studies
  Religious Studies: The Key ConceptsOlson9780415487221
  More Than Belief: A Materialist Theory of ReligionVasquez9780195188547
LBRL 265Brian, K.Science and Religion  
CRN: 44012 Parable Of The SowerButler9780446678805
  Critical Terms for Religious StudiesTaylor9780226791579
LBRL 271Slouber, M.Humanities of India  
CRN: 41868 IndiaThomas Trautmann9780199736324
  RamayanaR.K. Narayan9780143039679
  Sita's RamayanaSamhita Arni9781554981458
  Songs of the Saints of IndiaJohn Stratton Hawley, Mark Juergensmeyer9780195694208
LBRL 273Pearce, S.Religion & Society in China & Japan  
CRN: 42903 Painter's PracticeCahill9780231081818
  Old TaoistAddiss, Chaves, Rimer9780231116572
  How To Read Chinese Paintings-w/flapsHearn9780300141870
  Reading Zen In The RocksBerthier9780226044125
LBRL 278Zabihi, S.Humanities of Islamic Civilization  
CRN: 40948 Islam in Historical Perspective, 2nd EditionKnysh9781138193703
LBRL 325Gogrof, A.Surveillance, Voyeurism & Culture of Suspicion  
CRN: 44019 Discipline & PunishFoucault9780679752554
  Nineteen Eighty-four (centennial Ed)(trade Ed)Orwell9780452284234
  The CircleEggers9780345807298
  Liquid Surveillance: A ConversationBauman, Lyon9780745662831
  The MethodZeh9781846554278
LBRL 332Folk, HWorld Religions  
CRN: 42369 Life Of Hinduism 9780520249141
  Story Of BuddhismLopez9780060099275
  No God But God (upd)Aslan9780812982442
LBRL 334Tite, P.Hebrew Bible & the Religion of Ancient Israel  
CRN: 44020 New Oxford Annotated Bible: Nrsv (w Apoc)(rev)Coogan, Newsom, Perkins9780195289602
  A short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: Third EditionCollins9781506445991
  The History of Ancient IsraelDavies9780567655851
LBRL 362Miran, J.Islam in the Indian Ocean World  
CRN: 44001 In An Antique LandGhosh9780679727835
  Memoirs Of An Arabian Princess From Zanzibar (intro Romero)Ruete9781558760073
  Travels Of Ibn Battutah (ed Mackintosh-Smith)Battutah9780330418799
LBRL 375Bushelle, E.Buddhism  
LBRL 421Slouber, M.Traditional Indian Medicine  
CRN: 44003 The Roots of Ayurveda: Selections from Sandkrit Medical WritingsWujastyk9780140448245
LBRL 497CFolk, H.Righteous DiscontentHigginbotham9780674769786
CRN: 44171 Confidence Men and Painted Women: A Study of Middle-Class Culture in America, 1830-1870Halttunen


  Radical Spirits: Spiritualism and Women's Rights in Nineteenth-Century AmericaBraude9780253215024
  Rereading Sex: Battles over Sexual Knowledge and Suppression in Nineteenth-Century AmericaHorowitz9780375701863
  Utopias on Puget Sound, 1885-1915LeWarne9780295974446
  Each Mind a Kingdom: American Women, Sexual Purity, and the New Thought Movement, 1875-1920Satter9780520229273
  Village Atheists: How America's Unbelievers Made Their Way in a Godly NationSchmidt9780691168647
  The Communal Experience: Anarchist and Mystical Communities in Twentieth Century AmericaVeysey9780226854588

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