Quarterly Book List

  Liberal Studies Department  
  2017 Spring Quarter Book List 
LBRL 121Seaton, E.Western Tradition I: The Ancient World  
CRN: 20097 Aeneid (Translated by R. Fitzgerald)Virgil9780679729525
  Greek Tragedies, Vol. 3Grene9780226035932
  Holy Bible: RSV 9780452006478
LBRL 121Seaton, E.Western Tradition I: The Ancient World  
CRN: 21642 Aeneid (Translated by R. Fitzgerald)Virgil9780679729525
  Greek Tragedies, Vol. 3Grene9780226035932
  Holy Bible: RSV 9780452006478
LBRL 122Murphy, SWestern Tradition II: Early Modern  
CRN: 20160 Confessions (New Trans Chadwick)Augustine9780192833723
  Divine Comedy (Inferno: Text) (Trans Singleton)Dante9780691018966
  Life of Christina of MarkyateTalbot9780199556052
  Lusiads (Trans White)De Camoes9780199539963
  New Penguin Atlas of Medieval HistoryMcevedy9780140512496
  Lais of Marie de France (Trans Burgess)Defrance9780140447590
LBRL 123Gogrof, AWestern Tradition III: Modern  
CRN: 22958 Civilization and Its DiscontentsFreud9780393304510
  Communist Manifesto (Ed Beer)Marx9780312157111
  Best Short StoriesMaupassant9781853261893
  Romantic Fairy Tales (Trans Tully)Goethe9780140447323
  On the RoadKerouac9780140042597
  Gay Science (Trans Kaufman)Nietzsche9780394719856
LBRL 231Brian, KIntro to Study of Religion  
CRN: 23371 American PossessionsMccloud9780190205355
  Future of IllusionFreud9780393008319
  On the Genealogy of Morals (New Trans Smith)Nietzsche9780199537082
LBRL 231Stoops, RIntro to Study of Religion  
CRN: 20566 Bible BelieversAmmerman9780813512310
  Black Elk SpeaksNeihardt9780803283916
  Hinduism: Very Short IntroKnott9780192853875
  Islam TodayGeaves9781847064783
LBRL 232Moore, TMyth and Folklore  
CRN: 22194 BacchaeEruipides9780872203921
  Hero with a Thousand FacesCampbell9781577315933
  Household StoriesGrimm9780486210803
  Ocean at the End of the LaneGaiman9780062255662
  Primal MythsSproul9780060675011
  Oedipus the King (Trans Grene)Sophocles9780226768687
  Little RedRiding Hood UncloakedOrenstein9780465041268
LBRL 277Pearce, SHumanities of China  
CRN: 13267 Death of a Woman WangSpence9780140051216
  Dream of the Red ChamberHsueh-Chin9780385093798
  Sources of Chinese TraditionDebary9780231109390
LBRL 278Miran, JIslamic Civilization  
CRN 23012 Veil & the Male EliteMernissi9780201632217
  New Intro to IslamBrown9781405158077
  Textual Sources for Study of IslamRippin9780226720630
  What I BelieveRamadan9780195387858
LBRL 243Lynn, KArts and Ideas  
CRN: 22763 Dance of DeathHolbein9780141396828
  Invention of ArtShiner9780226753430
  Poems Protest & DreamDelacruz9780140447033
  Renaissance ArtJohnson9780192803542
  Madame BovaryFlaubart9780393979176
LBRL 281Brian, KRepresentations of Otherness  
CRN: 23206 Diary of a RapistConnell9781619025578
  Femicide MachineRodriguez9781584351108
  Never Let Me GoIshiguro9781400078776
  Powers of HorrorKristeva9780231053471
  Novels in Three LinesFeneon9781590172308
LBRL 333Folk, HReligion in America  
CRN: 22195 Religion in American Life: Short HistoryButler9780199832699
LBRL 334Stoops, RHebrew  Bible  
CRN: 22706 New Oxford Annot. Bible New RSV W/Apocrypha CollCoogan9780195289602
LBRL 345Slouber, MFierce Goddesses of India  
CRN: 23544 Buddhist Goddesses of IndiaShaw9780691168548
  Encountering KaliMcdermott9780520232402
  Is the Goddess a Feminist?Hiltebeitel9780814736197
LBRL 360Pearce, SChina and World Economy  
CRN: 23210 Confusions of PleasureBrook9780520221543
  Lost ColonyAndrade9780691159577
  Open Empire: History of China to 1800Hansen9780393938777
  Zheng HeDreyer9780321084439
LBRL 325Gogrof, ASurveillance and Culture  
CRN: 23208 CircleEggers9780345807298
  Discipline and PunishFoucault9780679752554
LBRL 428Miran, JReform in Islam  
CRN: 23545 Forbidding Wrong in IslamCook9780521536028
  Globalized IslamRoy9780231134996
  Modernist & Fundamentalist Debates in IslamMoaddel9781403960924
  What I BelieveRamadan9780195387858
LBRL 302Murphy, SMethods in Interdisciplinary Study  
CRN: 20162 Dino Compagni's Chronicle of FlorenceBornstein9780812212211
  Divine Comedy (Inferno: Text) (Trans Singleton)Dante9780691018966
  Divine Comedy (Paradiso: Text)Dante9780691019123
  Divine Comedy (Purgatorio: Text)Dante9780691019093
  Elements of Style Strunk9780143112723
  Vita NuovaDante9780199540655

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