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Anthropology Area Concentration

The Anthropology concentration focuses on the methodological and theoretical tools central to linguistic anthropology.  Students will explore language use in context, developing the fundamentally holistic ethnographic mindset which is central to anthropology. In ANTH 347, students will gain the tools to collect linguistic data in the context of the Ethnography of Communication and consider the component elements of “communicative competence”.  In ANTH 447, students will be introduced to the dominant strands of semiotic theory which influence linguistic anthropology today, and apply that theory to their own data. The ANTH 490 options provide an opportunity to bring a linguistic anthropology perspective to an important topical area.

The skills acquired in linguistic anthropology are useful for students interested in pursuing any career in which they will need to communicate with people different from themselves.  Such careers include business, law, law enforcement, medical professions, social work, non-profit work, Peace Corps.

Anthropology Area Concentration Advisor

Judith Pine
(360) 650-4783
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AH 338