Area Concentration Advisors

Area Concentration Advisors

For questions about our program, classes, registration, the major or minor requirements, or general information about linguistics please contact Program Director Kristin Denham by email ( to set up an appointment or stop by during open advising office hours. Fall quarter office hours: T 1-2, W 1:30-3:30, R 12-1. You can also contact the Linguistics Administrative Assistant Sara Helms by email ( or by phone (360-650-3918).

Fall '17 Office Hours

Educational Linguistics Area Concentration Advising

Green, Jennifer By Appointment MH 303B 650-2395

Psychology Area Concentration Advising 

Haskell, Todd M 3-4, W 10-11, R 2-3 AI 486 650-2720

Computational Linguistics Area Concentration Advising 

Hearne, James MTW 11-12 CF 479 650-3792

Behavioral Neuroscience Area Concentration Advising

Jantzen, McNeel T 2:30-5 AI 588 650-2247

English Area Concentration Advising

Lobeck, Anne TR 12:30-1:50 HU 359 650-3249

Communication Sciences and Disorders Area Concentration Advising

Peters, Kimberly MW 11-12, F 1-2 AI 398 650-3206

Anthropology Area Concentration Advising

Pine, Judith M (LC) WF (AH 338) 11:30-12:30  AH 338 650-4783

Modern and Classical Languages Area Concentration Advising

Gynan, Shaw MWF 10-10:45 & TR 12:30-1:15 MH 215A 650-4853

Philosophy Area Concentration Advising

Wasserman, Ryan TR 10-12 BH 302A 650-3860

TESOL Area Concentration Advising 

McMahill, Cheiron T 1-3 MH 304D 650-2551
Skillman, Trish M 8-12:30 MH 304E 650-4699

Program Director

Denham, Kristin T 1-2, W 1:30-3:30, R 12-1 HU 357 650-3217

Administrative Assistant

Sara Helms MW 8-4, TRF 8-5 MH 223 650-3918
Please contact instructors directly through telephone, email or at their office during office hours.  If you have questions about our program, classes or need general information about Linguistics majors, minors, and/or applying please talk with Program Coordinator Sara Helms or Program Director Kristin Denham.  Visit our website at for live email links and more info.


Updated 10-12-17