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Computational Linguistics

Computational Linguistics Area Concentration

The concentration is intended for students who wish to widen their knowledge of theories and applications relevant to the automatic processing of written and spoken language. It covers appropriate materials in programming, mathematics, and statistics, as well as the applications of computational tools and techniques to the scientific study of languages. Upon completion of the program, students are expected to have a good understanding of both programming and linguistics, and are prepared with the knowledge and skills to perform Natural Language Processing tasks such as Question Answering, Document Summarization, Machine Translation, Speech Recognition, Text Mining and other “Big Data” applications. Skilled computational linguists are in high demand and highly paid in the software industry. Such jobs do not necessarily require much programming background but the credentials provided by this concentration can play a key to opening doors to these opportunities.   

Computational Linguistics Area Concentration Advisor

James Hearne
(360) 650-3792
Office Location
CF 479