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Educational Linguistics Area Concentration

The ELL/Bilingual Endorsement courses focus on supporting students identified as English language learners (ELLs) in the P-12.  If you are interested in language and education, you can take the first three courses in the series even if you don’t continue in the field of education—it is the first two (ELL431 and ELL432) that will count toward a concentration in Educational Linguistics.  ELL431 introduces Second Language Acquisition, federal/state laws and policies that protect ELLs, and linguistics.  ELL432 focuses on English grammar and academic language.  We address the rules of language, but also discuss which features of English are more difficult for students, and to a lesser degree, how to teach these language points. If you decide that you want to get a teacher certificate in ECE, ELED, SPED, or SEC, you can complete the remaining courses to add the endorsement.  The other courses address socio-cultural topics, methods, and assessment.   This concentration allows you to make connections between language, culture, educational contexts, and learning. 

Educational Linguistics Area Concentration Advisor

Jennifer Green
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