Applying for Graduation

*If you declared the major or minor prior to Fall 2018, you may follow the requirements for the catalog year of your declaration. Students who declared before LING 331 was a major or minor requirement, for example, are not required to take the course (but may do so, in which case it can substitute for another upper division course, as long as they have not already taken a semantics course). Check with the director if you have questions.

The application process involves meeting with the Linguistics Director to conduct a major evaluation and submitting a Degree Application to the Registrar's office.  Students should schedule this meeting and apply for graduation at least two quarters prior to the quarter they expect to graduate. Students who are not sure which quarter they will graduate can discuss this with the Linguistics Director.  Bring the Major Evaluation Form or Minor Evaluation Form and copy of the Total Academic History (viz., transcript, which is available at Web4U) to the meeting.  The Director will be able to determine which courses remain for completing the major and help determine which quarter the student will be eligible to graduate. Students should also review the University Graduation Requirements (below) to determine if they have satisfied all of the requirements.

Students will then submit the completed Major Evaluation Form or Minor Evaluation Form  with their Degree Application Form to the Registrar's Office (Old Main 230).


Forms to help students keep track of credits, major requirements, and minor requirements

Linguistics Major Checklist
Linguistics Minor Checklist

University Graduation Requirements


General University Requirements 2018-19 
Writing Proficiency Requirement (WP)
180 Minimum Total Credits
60 Minimum Upper Division Credits
Residency Requirement
Minimum Grade Requirements
Final Quarter Requirement