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Frequently asked questions about LING 402

Question:  I signed up for ENG 436 “Structure of English”, which is cross-listed as LING 402. Even though I took the course as English and not as “LING 402”, do I still get linguistics major credit for it? 

Answer: Yes. If a course in another department (English, Anthropology, Philosophy) is cross-listed as LING 402, you need not sign up for it as LING 402. For example, if you sign up for English 436, you automatically get credit as taking LING 402.

Question: Can I take two LING 402 courses the same quarter.

Answer: Yes, but for the second course, you need to go to the Registrar’s and be manually signed up, since the online system mistakenly thinks you are signing up for the same course twice, and won’t let you.