College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Modern & Classical Languages

MCL Area Concentration

Linguists taking courses in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, or Russian can choose a concentration in one of these languages. Adding a world language concentration to the linguistics major enables the student to gain a direct and more advanced knowledge of language itself. This is especially helpful in developing a deeper perspective of language contact and acquisition.

Requirements vary for Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese, but normally include the 314 phonetics course and at least one grammar course above the 200-level. For more information, contact the following advisers:

Spanish: Rodolfo Mata

French: Christina Keppie

German: Shannon Dubenion-Smith

Japanese: Masanori Deguchi

Chinese: Janet Xing

For a concentration involving more than one language (or that involves Arabic or Russian, which are not taught beyond the second-year level at Western), contact Edward Vajda