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Spring 2020 400-Level Course Descriptions

Spring 2020 400-Level Courses

*Please note, if you plan on registering for more than one LING 402 course per quarter, you must register in person at the Registrar's Office in OM 230

LING 402: Sociolinguistics Fieldwork - Dr. Christina Keppie

TR 2-3:50

Prerequisite: LING 310; one course from: LING 204, ENG 270 or ANTH 347

Credits: 5

Course Description:  A continuation to LING 204 (Intro to Sociolinguistics), this course examines and puts into practice the detailed processes involved in conducting an effective sociolinguistic study of a primarily qualitative nature that requires human subjects. 


  • Demonstrate clear knowledge of sociolinguistic trends in the PNW
  • Develop and improve written, verbal, and analytical skills. 

Course objectives: 

  1. Identify and replicate key steps necessary in conducting effective sociolinguistic research
  2. Discuss and critique current sociolinguistic research
  3. Conduct and present a sociolinguistic project using human subjects
  4. Effectively present/critique a (socio)linguistic paper/project


LING 431: Grammaticalization - Dr. Janet Xing

TR 10-11:50

Prerequisite: LING 331; one course from: LING 204, ENG 270 or ANTH 347

Credits: 5

Course Description:  This course (WP3) investigates both theoretical and methodological issues relevant to the study of grammaticalization, the change whereby lexical terms (e.g. nouns and verbs) and constructions come in certain linguistic contexts to serve grammatical functions (e.g. particles, aspect markers).

Objectives: This course is designed for linguistic students to gain a general understanding of the study of grammaticalization. Through class discussion, reading materials, and a research project, students explore the core areas of grammaticalization: morphological, syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic changes. Directionality and characteristics of typological variations in grammaticalization will also be examined.


LING 402: Pidgins and Creoles - Dr. Sheryl Bernardo-Hinesley

MWF 8:30-9:50

Prerequisite: LING 310; one course from: LING 204, ENG 270 or ANTH 347

Credits: 5

Course Description: The course will survey linguistic features and theories of genesis, as well as historical and social contexts, of pidgin and creole languages spoken, past and present, in several locations around the world. Scholars believe in the importance of pidgins and creoles in relation to linguistic theory given that they provide a window into universal grammar and the evolution of the human language faculty. Pidgin and creole varieties to be studied include but are not limited to: Papiamentu, Palenquero, and Chabacano. By the end of the quarter, students will be specialists in one pidgin or creole variety of their choice—its linguistic features, parent languages, historical development, and social setting.