Summer 2022 Linguistics Courses

LING 201: Intro to Linguistics

Dr. Anne Lobeck

  • Credits: 5
  • Remote - Asynchronous


This course offers an introduction to the scientific study of language and the various subfields of linguistics, including how language is acquired, how it varies across time and space, and how it is used in different social contexts.

Ling 302: Experimental Methods

Dr. McNeel Gordon Jantzen

  • Credits: 5
  • Prerequisites: One course from: LING 201, ANTH 247, ENG 370, TESL 401 or HNRS 217; or instructor permission.
  • MTWR 10-11:50


The class offers an introduction to the experimental methods and data analysis techniques commonly used in linguistics and language sciences. Topics covered in the course will include basics of experimental design and statistical inference for hypothesis testing, as well as practical training on a variety of experimental paradigms used in various academic, research, and corporate fields.  Analysis techniques will provide students with practice in analysis and visualization of various speech and language data, using Matlab, Python, R, and Praat. Experiment design and statistical methods are emphasized.

LING 402: Sociolinguistic Fieldwork

Dr. Sheryl Bernardo-Hinesley

  • Credits: 5
  • Prerequisites: LING 204, LING 207, or ANTH 347
  • MTWR 12-1:50


This course provides practical instruction in the methods employed in sociolinguistic research and the theoretical background associated with specific approaches. To provide students with the necessary tools to develop their own research, students will learn how to perform field-based research tasks: methods of sampling population and proper consent, survey questionnaire design, sociolinguistic interviews, data confidentiality and record-keeping, data analysis, and presentation of results. Possible topics for discussion include language variation, bi-/multilingualism, language attitudes and ideologies, age, social class, and gender.