Summer 2023 Linguistics Courses

LING 201: Intro to Linguistics

Dr. Anne Lobeck

  • Credits: 5
  • Remote - Asynchronous


In this introduction to  the scientific study of language, we  examine the key building blocks of all human languages and the basic fields of linguistic inquiry – phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics – and explore how these provide evidence for the biological basis of human language. Throughout the course, you will see these components at work in social contexts as we learn about and discuss various aspects of language variation, language change, and language acquisition. We will question assumptions about language and consider the relationships between language and cultural attitudes, and you’ll leave this course with an increased awareness of how linguists think about and work with language, how language is structured, and how we use it to express our cultural identities and interact with each other. 

Ling 302: Neurolinguistics and Aphasia

Dr. McNeel Gordon Jantzen

  • Credits: 5
  • Prerequisites: One course from: LING 201, LING 207, ANTH 247, HNRS 217, CSD 251, PSY 210, or PSY 220; or instructor permission.
  • MTWR 10-11:50


Do you have an interest in language and the human brain? Are you interested in learning about aphasia (language disorders caused by damage to the brain)? This class will provide an in-depth overview and discussion of aphasia syndromes through a neurolinguistic lens and using cognitive science perspectives. You will learn the brain areas associated with each syndrome and how language behaviors such as: production, comprehension, and repetition are affected; and you will also gain insight and understanding of neuropsychological and neuroimaging data from aphasia studies.