Arabic Program Information

At this time we do not offer a minor in Arabic language, but our Arabic courses are required courses in the Arabic and Islamic Studies Minor.

For more information on the Arabic and Islamic Studies Minor, click here.

For more information on the Arabic language courses offered, contact the Arabic advisor Tamer Hussein (


Tamer Hussein Abdelbaki

Advisor for the Arabic Language Program

Visiting Assistant Professor of Arabic

Tamer Hussein
Office: Miller Hall 230
Phone: 360-650-2093

Ph.D., Helwan University, Egypt

Dr. Abdelbaki‚Äôs research interest is in discourse analysis, pragmatics, second language teaching, and sociolinguistics.

He has taught Arabic Language Courses at all levels.



Fall Offerings

ARAB 101

ARAB 201

Winter Offerings

ARAB 102

ARAB 202

Spring Offerings

ARAB 103

ARAB 203