Chinese Program

The Chinese Language Program at Western Washington University provides students with the opportunity to become competent communicators in Chinese language and culture, shared by 1.3 billion people, approximately one-fourth of the world’s population. The programs offers Chinese language courses at all levels as well as courses in Chinese culture and a study abroad program. Students may choose to major in Chinese Language & Culture, or take a Chinese minor. The major is designed to develop advanced proficiency in Chinese language and culture, with the goal of positioning students competitively in this increasingly globalized world. Its curriculum focuses on training students in both communicative skills and cultural awareness, essential for future success in China- or Chinese- related career paths, whether in business, education, public service or technology.  Students who have taken one or two year Chinese are encouraged to study Chinese abroad. Please visit our web site Study Chinese Abroad for more information. If you have any questions regarding the Chinese program, you may visit our other pages: Faculty, Courses or send an email to the coordinator of the program Dr. Janet Xing.

Chinese Major Scholarship Available

This scholarship has been made possible by the generosity Jim Golden. Find out more about his desire to promote the study of Chinese here:

Chinese Language & Culture Major

In the last few years, a clear trend has appeared among students studying Chinese at Western: more than half are interested in pursuing a career related to China in such fields as business, finance, environment, or public service. To prepare those students to succeed in reaching their career goals, it is essential for them to develop not only language competence but more importantly cultural competence so as to warrant effective intercultural communication. It is evident that a major with combined elements of Chinese language and culture would be much more appealing and beneficial to our students than a language/literature major. 

Chinese Language and Culture, BA
Department of Modern and Classical Languages, College of Humanities and Social Sciences   55-64 credits


This major is designed to develop advanced proficiency in both Chinese language and culture with the goal of placing students in a competitive position in this increasingly globalized world.  The rigorous curriculum of this major focuses on training students in the communicative skills and in cultural awareness that are essential for success in their career pursuits in business, education, public service, and technology, related to China, Chinese people and Chinese language.

Admission and Major Declaration Process:

Students can declare this major at any time, but must meet with a Chinese major advisor prior to declaration. For Chinese major advisor information, contact the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at 360-650-3918.

Grade Requirements

A grade of C- or better is required for a student’s major courses; a GPA of 2.5 or above in major is required.

Program Requirements

55-64 credits


At least 30 of the 55-64 credits must be in upper division (300- or 400- level) courses.

Language courses: 35 credits

CHIN 201 (5 credits): Second-Year Chinese

CHIN 202 (5 credits): Second-Year Chinese

CHIN 203 (5 credits): Second-Year Chinese

CHIN 301 (4 credits): Third-Year Chinese

CHIN 302 (4 credits): Third-Year Chinese

CHIN 303 (4 credits): Third-Year Chinese

CHIN 304 (4 credits): Chinese Grammar & Composition

CHIN 401 (4 credits): Forth-Year Chinese (WP3, capstone course) – new course


Non-language courses: 9 credits

CHIN 402 (4 credits): Chinese Language & Linguistics – new course

EAST 367 (5 credits): Chinese Literature in Translation


Electives (11-20 credits) including minimum 1 course from either HIST, LBRL, PLSC, or SOC.

CHIN 237 (15 credits): Study Abroad: Chinese Language & Culture

CHIN 337 (15 credits): Study Abroad: Chinese Language & Culture

CHIN 280 (3 credits): Traditional Chinese Characters and Calligraphy

CHIN 330 (3 credits): Chinese Culture through Film & Literature

CHIN 425 (2 credits): Teaching-Learning Processes in Elementary Chinese

EAST 230 (3 credits): Modern Chinese Society and Language

HIST 364: Film as History: The People’s Republic of China (4 credits)

HIST 370 (5 credits) Chinese History to 600 AD

HIST 372 (5 credits) Chinese History 1800 to Present

HIST 409: World War II: The Pacific War (4 credits)

HIST 479 (5 credits) Medieval and Early-Modern History

HIST 480 (5 credits) Modern Chinese Social History

HIST 481 (5 credits) The Chinese Revolution

LANG 430 (4 credits) Asian Language Pedagogy and Practice

LBRL 277 (4 credits) Humanities of China

LBRL 360 (5 credits) China and the Emerging World Economy

LBRL 380 (4 credits) Religion and Society in China

PLSC 430 (4 credits) Modern Chinese Politics

SOC 437 (15 credits) Changing China

Chinese Language Minor

Students who wish to minor in Chinese language must meet the following requirements:

  • 25 credits in Chinese at the 200 level and above (i.e. CHIN 201- 202-203, CHIN 237/337);
  • GPA of 2.50 or above; limit of 15 credits at 200 level (either Second-Year Chinese or summer study abroad, CHIN 237)
  • Must take CHIN 303 (Business Chinese) or CHIN 304 (Chinese Grammar & Composition) on the WWU campus