Chinese Faculty

Chinese Faculty

Yu Lei - Instructor of Chinese

Office: Miller Hall 122B
Phone: 360-650-3923
PhD, Beijing Language and Culture University
Dr. Lei's research interest is in Chinese Linguistics and Pedagogical Grammar of Chinese. She has taught Chinese language courses at all levels.


Li Wang - Instructor of Chinese

Office: Miller Hall 122B
Phone: 360-650-7966


Julian Siyuan Wu  - Assistant Professor of Chinese

Office: Miller Hall 217B
Phone: 360-650-6122
PhD, Arizona State University
Research Interest: Dramatic and performing literature of the late imperial period; vernacular short stories of the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing; book history and print culture of the Ming and Qing; Chinese woodblock illustration, textual and visual culture in late imperial China. 


Janet Zhiqun Xing - Professor of Chinese and Linguistics (1999)

Office: Miller Hall 218D
Phone: 360-650-3926
PhD, University of Michigan
Professor Xing's research interest is in discourse analysis, historical linguistics, semantic change, grammaticalization and pedagogical grammar of Chinese. She teaches linguistics and Chinese language courses at all levels. She is the editor-in-chief for the journal of Chinese as a Second Language (CSL).