French Faculty

French Faculty

Cécile Hanania - Professor of French (2002)


Office: Miller Hall 126

Phone: 360-650-4858

B.A. & M.A., U. de Provence

Doctorat, Lettres, Université Paris 7-Denis Diderot.

Ph.D., University of Maryland.

Professor Hanania grew up in Marseille, Southern France. She studied philosophy, French literature and literary theory.

A specialist of the works of French writer Marguerite Duras and French theorist Roland Barthes, her research interest is in contemporary French and Francophone literatures and cultures. A member of MCL since 2002, she teaches French at all levels.

Christina Keppie - Associate Professor of French (2008)

Office: Miller Hall 215D

Phone: 360-650-3930

B.A., U. of New Brunswick

M.A., Carleton U.

Ph.D., U. of Alberta

Trained in linguistic anthropology, Dr. Keppie’s research interests lie in French Canada and Acadia. In particular, she works in various areas of sociolinguistics and applied linguistics. Her current research path is documenting the role of festivities and traditions in regards to language ideologies of the Acadian diaspora throughout the Canadian Maritimes, Québec, and Maine. 

Edward Ousselin - Professor of French (2001)

Office: Miller Hall 216A

Phone: 360-650-2092

B.A. & M.A., U. de Tours

M.B.A., U. of Kentucky

Ph.D., Ohio State U

Scott Taylor - Senior Instructor of French (2010)


Office: Miller Hall 122D

Phone: 360-650-4536

B.A. & M.A., U. of Tennessee 

Ph.D., Florida State University

Dr. Taylor's research interest is in French Theatre & Performance Studies, Semiotics, Critical Theory, French Literature, and Foreign Language Education. He has taught French at all levels and produces and directs French language theatre productions in the Seattle area.