German Faculty

German Faculty, from left to right, Sandra Alfers, Shannon Dubenion-Smith, Petra Fiero and Cornelius Partsch.

Ab Herbst 2015 unterrichtet Professor Julie Winter in unserer Sektion. Wir freuen uns sehr auf die Zusammenarbeit! Herzlich Willkommen, Professor Winter!


Sandra Alfers - Professor of German (2008), German Section Head, Director of the Ray Wolpow Institute for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity

Office: Miller Hall 215E

Phone: 360-650-7427

B.A., University of Nebraska – Omaha

M.A., University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Shannon Dubenion-Smith - Associate Professor of German & Linguistics (2008), Study Abroad Advisor

Office: Miller Hall 218C

Phone: 360-650-3927

B.A., University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

M.A., University of Wisconsin – Madison

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin – Madison

Petra S. Fiero - Professor of German (1995), on sabbatical through winter quarter 2018

Petra Fiero

Office: Miller Hall 217A

Phone: 360-650-4860

B.A., University of Regensburg

M.A., University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Ph.D., University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Cornelius Partsch - Professor of German (2003), Major & Minor Advisor

Cornelius Partsch

Office: Miller Hall 216E

Phone: 360-650-3929

B.A., Oberlin College

M.A., Brown University

Ph.D., Brown University

Julie Winter - Visiting Assistant Professor of German (2015)

Office: Miller Hall 222B

Phone: 360-650-4394

B.A., University of North Texas

M.A., Northwestern University

Ph.D., Northwestern University