German Faculty

German Section Faculty

Sandra Alfers 

Professor of German (2008), Director of the Ray Wolpow Institute for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity

Office: Miller Hall 215E
Phone: 360-650-7427

B.A., University of Nebraska – Omaha

M.A., University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Shannon Dubenion-Smith 

Associate Professor of German & Linguistics (2008), Study Abroad Advisor

Office: Miller Hall 218C
Phone: 360-650-3927

B.A., University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

M.A., University of Wisconsin – Madison

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin – Madison

Petra S. Fiero 

Professor of German (1995), German Section Head

Petra Fiero
Office: Miller Hall 217A
Phone: 360-650-4860

B.A., University of Regensburg

M.A., University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Ph.D., University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Cornelius Partsch

Professor of German (2003), Major & Minor Advisor

Cornelius Partsch
Office: Miller Hall 216E
Phone: 360-650-3929

B.A., Oberlin College

M.A., Brown University

Ph.D., Brown University

Julie Winter

Ab Herbst 2015 unterrichtet Professor Julie Winter in unserer Sektion. Wir freuen uns sehr auf die Zusammenarbeit! Herzlich Willkommen, Professor Winter!

Visiting Assistant Professor of German (2015)

Office: Miller Hall 222B
Phone: 360-650-4394

B.A., University of North Texas

M.A., Northwestern University

Ph.D., Northwestern University