Japanese Faculty

Masanori Deguchi - Associate Professor of Japanese and Linguistics, Section Coordinator, Study Abroad Advisor


Office: Miller Hall 217E

Phone: 360.650.4155


Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington.

Areas of Expertise: Theoretical linguistics: syntax, semantics, syntax-phonology interface, Japanese linguistics

​Madoka Kusakabe - Instructor of Japanese


Office: Miller Hall 222D

Phone: 360.650.7492



Colleen Laird - Assistant Professor of Japanese, Major & Minor Advisor

Colleen Laird

Office: Miller Hall 122A

Phone: 360.650.4852


Ph.D., University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Areas of Expertise: Japanese cinema and gender studies; Women working in Japanese media industries; Film theory, genre theory, transnational cinemas and star texts, feminist theory, and queer theory.

Massimiliano Tomasi - Professor of Japanese (1997), East Asian Studies Program Director

Massimiliano Tomasi

Office: Miller Hall 222C

Phone: 360.650.3339


Ph.D., Nagoya University, Japan

Prof. Tomasi's areas of expertise include modern Japanese literature and rhetoric. He is the author of Rhetoric in Modern Japan: Western Influences on the Development of Narrative and Oratorical Style (University of Hawaii Press, 2004), The Literary Theory of Shimamura Hōgetsu (1871-1918) and the Development of Feminist Discourse in Modern Japan (Mellen, 2008),  and The Dilemma of Faith in Modern Japanese Literature: Metaphors of Christianity (Routledge, 2018). He is also the editor of Religion and Spirituality in Japanese Literature (PAJLS 16, 2015).

Michiko Yusa - Professor of Japanese and East Asian Studies

Michiko Yusa 


Office: Miller Hall 218E

Phone: 360.650.4851


Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara

Research interests: Nishida philosophy, intercultural philosophical studies; Raimon Panikkar's thought, women's spirituality Buddhism and Christianity